squirrel colouring pages

Do you like to take walks or bikerides in the woods? You might’ve seen a squirrel there. During winter the little squirrels prefer to stay in their warm nests. You have a bigger chance of seeing one during summer. You really have to look for them, because they can climb trees very quickly. They often carry hazelnuts, beechnuts, chestnuts or acorns, because that’s their favourite food!

We collected a bunch of fun colouring sheets of squirrels for you. A squirrel climbing a tree, a squirrel with an acorn and even a painting squirrel. What’s your favourite colouring page of squirrels? You don’t have to color it brown if you don’t feel like it. Feel free to give the squirrel any color you like! If you can’t get enough of colouring, check out colouring sheets of other animals right here.