wedding colouring pages

When people get married, they often throw a party. This celebration is called a wedding or a wedding party. Have you ever been to a wedding? How did you like it? Here you can see what a picture of a wedding looks like. If you have just been married, people often hang a few cans behind your car. This rattles so loudly that everyone immediately looks back and knows: they are newlyweds! View colouring sheets of a newly married couple and of a beautiful wedding dress here. That is the dress of the bride. At the wedding the bride wears the most beautiful dress! A wedding dress like that with lots of embellishments is just like a princess dress!

Do you think a wedding is cool, but a cake is really great? Then pick your favourite party cake to color in with birthday cake colouring pages. Watch out! Everyone might want to take a bite of your colouring page... There are even more party pictures, such as those of Valentine's Day Have fun colouring!