Winter colouring pages

Can you think of fun things that have to do with winter? Sledding. Birds snacking on suet balls. Bare trees. Snow. Drinking chocolate milk. You probably know many more fun things. Winter is such a nice season especially because it begins with the holiday month of December. Not only Sinterklaas, but also Santa Claus is on the way. It's the time of presents and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Yeahhh! Such a cozy time, drinking chocolate milk together. And if you are lucky there will be snow. Do you also love snowball fights or would you rather make a snowman? If there is no snow, at least you can still watch great Christmas movies. And of course you can color in an amazing Christmas or winter colouring page.

Are you looking for other colouring pages about winter? Think of the Christmas tree and of course Santa Claus. Get colouring!