Dora the explorer colouring pages

Find the greatest colouring sheets of Dora and let your colouring pens or pencils go wild. You’ll probably know Dora: this tough girl goes on all kinds of exciting adventures, and loves animals, flowers and plants. Together with her monkey Boots and her talking backpack she always finds her way in the South American jungle. And if you always help Dora with her adventures, you can now help her as well, by colouring her!

You can find all colouring sheets of Dora here: choose the colouring page of your liking. Grab your pens or pencils, print your favourite colouring page and get started! Done with your Dora colouring page? Just start another one. If you enjoy making colouring sheets of animals or other cartoon characters such as Bumba or the Smurfs, you can print these out here as well!